Catering & Onsite Barbecuing

Have Texas Pit BBQ cater your next event from 10 to 400 meals. Our handmade Super Smoker can cook up to 750 pounds of meat at any time. Our large hotbox allows us to keep an even temperature for long periods of time and stay away from propane. So sit back and enjoy your event and let Texas Pit Barbque handle everything!

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 What we can provide:

  • Available 7 Days a Week

  • Minimum order only 10 servings (10 people).

  • Meat only starting at $3.25 per person.

  • Complete catering including sides, utensils, plates, deserts, etc.

  • Pick-up, Delivery and Full Service.

  • Serving utensils, bowls, and chafing trays available.

Weddings, Birthdays, Holidays, Employee Rewards Meals, Corporate Events, Get-together with Friends and more!

 “Get Oooohs and Aaaahs when serving Texas Pit BBQ”

  • This place has THE BEST customer service and their food is amazing. And you can’t beat the price.Today at 11:30 I found out my catering for an event I was putting on had the wrong date down and was not showing up to feed 50 people at 12:00. In a panic I called Texas Pit BBQ and asked for rush help. They told me to give them 20 minutes to put it together. They was  true to their word……I only had to push my lunch back 15 minutes. Everyone LOVED the food. Texas Pit BBQ staff made my disaster situation seamless to everyone. They had no idea. I recommend this place HANDS DOWN!!!!
  • The food was a hit ! Everyone was very living the Brisket. Thank you for being so flexible & our catering needs. Its not everyone who allows last minute changes as you do . Your delivery staff was great, I really appreciated their help. I will certainly think of Texas Pit BBQ for our future carrying needs.
  • Thank you so much for your amazing food and world class customer service. There was more than enough food, and this is after most of my Soldiers came through for another helping. Your staff was timely and prompt and nothing less than professional. Thank you so very much. We’d very much like to give you more business in the future.
  • The food and service is always great. We host many events during the fall and winter months and order food from multiple places in our area. Most can’t get the timing or the order correct. Maw N’ Paw’s does! Our customers enjoy the food and we do too We will continue to order the Delicious BBQ from them and appreciate them for taking care of us.